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My show running for the next month

Reception Saturday the 13th at the Distinction Gallery
Escondido, California.…
My next show will be in September.

Distinction Gallery
Escondido, California…
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I have a show coming up this weekend at my gallery. I have been busy painting away for that.  My show is June 7th at the Hallmark Gallery in LaJolla, CA…
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  • Listening to: Samite…
  • Listening to: Samite
Pleas take the time to listen to this and act on it. Pass it on to all your artist friends.
- Linda…
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Yea, They fixed my site. For a while there, I could not go into anyones gallery or watch them.  I am a happy camper now.

No need to comment.  Thanks.
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I am finally taking the time to up date my journal.

The gallery that I have been in for 7 years has closed it's doors in January. Made me sad they did well for me. A month later a found a new gallery outlet for my paintings in LaJolla. I have high hopes for this new location for my work. It is a vacation town summer and winter, and gets much more trafic.  

They are haveing a show for me and 3 other artists June 9th. So I have been pinting about 10 hours a day the last couple months getting new work done for that.  

Here is the link to my new gallery location ...…

No need to respond.

Thanks, Linda
Enough of butterfly's. Got off an a tangent there, yet they will always show up here and there in my paintings. Off to larger critters and animals. Gorillas are coming. Want to thank John "Houly1970" for making me pay more attention to details.  A good friend.
To all my friends....

Sorry everyone who has written me, I have been so busy with a show this last month. I got way behind in here. I am trying to catch up.

Thank you for all your kind words.

- Linda


Mon Apr 24, 2006, 8:16 PM
My daughter just walked in and told me because in my messages from my friends are now posted differently is because someone paid for it to be done. Is that right??? I just thought DA changed the format. Can someone exlpaine that to me? If that is right. I have no idea who did and why.

Thanks a bunch, Linda

I am honored and so excited.  My friend thraxllisylia "Marley" informed me that he saw my name posted to be in the next Spectrum 13 Fantastic Art book on their web site.

I got the letter in the mail yesterday that "Sheldon Hatching The Egg" painting was the chosen work. It is in the "Unpublished" section.
This is my first attempt to do a journal entry. Hope it works.

I feel bad that I have accidentally deleted some comments sent to me by double clicking. If you are waiting for a responce on a question or statement sent to me, please send it again.  I have been waiting to hear back from a few of my friends.  Sorry. - Linda